We hope you enjoyed your weekend. Warm weather is finally upon us in the Northeast and it has got us fired up! With this new found energy, we have decided to let you in on a huge practice of ours…

Our daily huddles!

It is almost like your favorite basketball or football teams’ huddle in that we motivate each other before we seize the day. However, it is done with much less war-ready grunts and no sweat!

Every morning in our group chat there is a quote or motivational video sent by one of our team leaders that we all dissect on our own time (most likely on the way to work) and come together to share our thoughts and different perspectives.

Now we are opening up our huddles to you!

We will start by sending out weekly emails on our favorite huddle of the week. From there it is in your hands if you wish to share your thoughts you are more than welcome to. Forward this email to any friends or family you believe would benefit from or enjoy a little extra motivation to start their day!

If you or a friend would like updates on our weekly huddles, subscribe to our email list by clicking here!