InMark Media is pleased to welcome, Thomas Piacquadio, one of inMark Media’s newest Graphic Design Interns. Thomas is currently finishing his undergraduate at Manhattanville College, located in Purchase, NY. He is driven to continue pursuing a  career in the Marketing Communications and Graphic design while studying to get his Masters degree in May 2019. His background in graphic design and digital media make him a strong asset to the inMark Media team.

Thomas is a driven, creative, and dedicated full time student. He also works part-time for the Manhattanville School of Business on campus. When not working or studying,  he uses his creativity to create amazing baked goods such as cakes, cupcakes, and cookies. In addition, he is an expert at taking care of his white Siberian Husky, Kido. He also likes to keep up to date on the latest tech trends.

“Staying up to date on the newest tech and constantly learning gives me the edge I need to succeed in furthering my career. I always want to better myself, in any way possible.”

Thomas looks forward to executing ideas from concept through production and coordinating with marketing managers and internal clients. Moreover, Thomas appreciates being able to work with such creative talented people. He appreciates how open, collaborative and driven the team is and how he loves the relaxed comfortable work space.  He feels that everyone encourages you to share your ideas. They want you to get involved, voice your opinion and make things happen. “Not only do they want you to share your ideas and your life experiences to their company, but they want you to take away and learn as much as possible from your experience here.”