It feels great going into the new year with a clear list of goals or a goal. But, how do we create a set of goals that we actually will commit to and fulfill? We can do this by a process of looking into one’s self and finding what makes us go. What puts fuel in our drive. Our four F’s are Facts, Feelings, Focus, Fruits. To really find out what drives you go ahead and start with the first F of the four.


It is literally that, what are the facts about yourself that you know. This could be anything from my waist size is 34, to I don’t spend enough time with family or friends. When working on facts, pinpoint what you want to work on and state the facts of how it is now. So if I want to work on my eating habits, some facts would be that I eat whatever I want when I want, I don’t eat vegetables, and I consume a lot of carbs.


Now this is where it starts to get intense. Really go deep and as raw as possible. Self reflection is key to finding what pushes you. Based on the example I stated earlier, here are how I would feel about those facts. I feel good while I am eating, but after I eat I look at my stomach and feel that I can do better for myself. I feel tired after I eat so many carbs and feel unhealthy when I don’t eat vegetables.


What are you going to do to change how you feel about these facts? This is your focus. In the case of the examples above, I would change this by starting a meal prep, eating vegetables even if I start with one vegetable a day. Focus on your goal and how you feel about the current facts and you will want to push yourself.


Reap the fruits of your labor! Once you reach your goal, don’t just settle and quit. Keep going, you’ve gotten this far and you can keep going forward. It damn sure feels good reaching your goal, so this is where you get to enjoy what you’ve been working towards. TRUST THE PROCESS!