Management must be the perfect blend of guidance, mentoring, encouragement, and leadership. The key is to increase productivity while decreasing stress levels.

Let’s Get Flexible!!
Reading statistics on how much an employee’s life is spent commuting to work is depressing. This feeling can be counteracted by allowing staff to work from home. Workspaces that encourage workers to congregate are better than cramped, individual offices.

Positive Cultures Breeds Successful Cultures
A work environment that prioritizes support and efficiency will provide employees with the time management skills to afford themselves more leisure pursuits.  A positive attitude toward effective communication, for example, ignoring emails outside of work hours, frees up more downtime.

The Stress Levels are Too Damn High
Emotions can get high when dealing with deadlines. By shifting the focus, you can create a culture of communication and productivity.  There is an expression “Sharing is Caring,” so allow your employees to share their ideas on stress relievers without compromising goals.

Shut Up and Meditate
Introduce meditation techniques into the workplace. Start with 5 minutes and expand it if necessary. Studies has shown that it improves work performance, co-worker relationships, and your overall mood.

Now You’re Talking
Communication is the best way to gauge if your team is doing well. Talking and listening are often forgotten managerial skills.