Email marketing is the digital marketing strategy of sending emails to convert people into customers and turn current buyers into long-time, loyal customers. You might think of email marketing as the countless messages in your spam inbox for special “deals” and offers. 

However, this is best of email marketing at its worse. When done right, email marketing can be an incredibly effective way to personalize your online presence, keep customers informed, and build customer relationships. Here are just a few reasons why email campaigning should be in your marketing budget. 

Strengthen Relationships- Using email marketing is a great tool to communicate with customers. Email is another strategy for consistent customer engagement and allows you to stay in touch with your base at both the busiest and slowest times of the year. 

Building credibility- Email campaigning doesn’t have to be strictly promoting new items or a sale. The great thing about email marketing is that is can be personalized to how you want to communicate to customers. Think about starting a monthly newsletter that shares tips or interesting facts about your industry. Giving people relevant and helpful information will not only make your company more trustworthy, but it will also help your company come across as more personable and friendly. 

Build brand awareness- We’ve talked about brand awareness in the past and how its purpose is to define your business and make it distinct from the competition. By using email marketing, you can increase brand awareness by getting your messages to potential new customers. Also, because an email list is virtually infinite, there is no limit or extra expenses for outreach unlike other forms of promotion. The goal here is to make sure that emailing is consistent. The more consistent your emailing, the more likely you’ll gain customers because of your engagement. 

It’s easy to manage- With the help of an email service, your email marking campaign can be up and running within a few hours. Once it’s up, it’s extremely easy to maintain once you learn the basics. And, because most email marketing services are user-friendly, making changes to an email list or implementing new content will be simple and quick.

Targeted Audiences- The joy of email marketing is that it gives you more control on who is going to be receiving your message. Instead of an ad campaign that’s shown to many but only intriguing to few, email marketing allows you to focus on the few from the beginning so that the message sent can be customized to fit their needs. With email marketing, your content can be designed to meet the specific needs of your current and potential customers.