The majority of customers prefer being contacted by email. Email leads to the biggest number of conversions. Every marketing campaign should follow these tips.

Your Email Format Is Your Canvas
A personalized email stands out from the black and white barrage of information that usually sits in an inbox. Ensure your email format is inviting and individual. For example, when an email acknowledges the receiver is in a relationship and customizes the communication accordingly, there is a higher conversion rate.

Aim For The Phone
When the email is readable and well-formatted on mobile phones, there are fewer deletions. Shorter sentences, lower pixelated images, and an easy-read font are the way to go.

Capture The Audience’s Attention
Emails that grab the reader’s attention are more likely to be read and considered for purchase than more formulaic emails. Think about something the recipient will have never seen before in an email and use that.

Emails are Important, But Timing is Everything
Flooding someone’s inbox with emails is a one-way ticket to the Unsubscribe button unless your content is riveting and novel. Also, consider changing the time your emails land. If you are fighting against dozens of other emails, you should figure out different time slots that work for your company.