Do millennials make up your marketing initiatives? This audience can help you generate lots of money. Millennials are technology-savvy, ambitious and well-educated. They’re also influential due to their high numbers.

An Insight into Millennials

Millennials range in age between 18 to 36 years, making up the majority of employees worldwide. The millennials were the first to start using technology. Moreover, more than 40% of the group are parents. Companies with meaning appreciate and value their consumers.

Millennials are also loyal as employees to their employers due to the need to be flexible and balance life/work. Part of their day-to-day activities include engaging in social media. Digital coupons make up about 94% of preferred digital formats. Approximately 40% of consumers use testimonials and reviews to make informed buying decisions.

Additionally, 60% of millennials are loyal to their favorite brands while 63% do their transactions from mobile devices. 83% base their buying decisions on content they find online.


Millennials tend to share information on products, brands or services with their peers or social circles before making a buying decision. They’re highly engaged on social media and share almost all aspects of their lives on social platforms.

Therefore, targeting them on social media is an effective way of getting brand conversations started, atop strengthening the relationship between your small business and target audience.


Many millennials access the web from their mobile devices. That simply means you need a business website that’s accessible from such devices to include millennials in your marketing efforts. Also make sure your newsletters, emails, images, and infographics, among other digital content, are optimized for mobile access.

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