How Grocery Dividers Can Increase Your Company’s Brand Awareness

You’re at the supermarket, and it’s about time to check out. There’s already a costumer checking out in front of you, so you reach for the grocery divider on the checkout lane to separate your purchases from theirs. But, you quickly realize this is not any ordinary grocery divider.

Sure, you’ve seen grocery dividers before, but this one is different—it’s branded. InMark media’s brand bars offer advertisement space on grocery dividers in supermarkets across the country. Unlike other grocery dividers with advertisements, inMark Media’s includes a three-inch billboard that displays clearly branded advertisements for small and medium companies. Not convinced brand bars can suit your business? Check out what your business can benefit from advertising on an inMark media brand bar.

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8 Tips to Master Holiday Marketing Campaigns for Small Businesses

The holiday season is an extremely useful time for small businesses to experience monumental progress in sales, brand awareness, and market growth. But, too often the seemingly endless possibilities lead businesses to chose marketing campaigns that fall short. Follow inMark Media’s tips for small business holiday marketing campaigns, and your business may be celebrating a new year and a large return on investment:Read more

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4 Easy Exercises For Your Mind

Our bodies are meant to get exercise to stay fit and we benefit in multiple ways when we do. The same applies to our minds. Some people neglect the most important part of our body aside from our hearts, THE BRAIN. There are multiple studies proving exercise is essential to our mind the more we age. It is pretty easy to exercise your mind, it just takes some extra effort out of your day. The mind coasts through the day when you perform daily routines...Switch it up! Here are some different exercises you can work on to keep your brain active and healthy. (None of these are video games.)Read more

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10 Years From Now

Ten years into the future, where will I be? That's a question many of us are either excited or worried to answer. I for one am confident in my future, especially after my brief introduction to inMark Media. When I arrived to the headquarters and saw three people standing by the elevator ready to welcome me, the nerves started to kick in. My palms instantly started to sweat, thinking to myself, "these are the genes I got from my mom". Soon after introductions were made, one of the owners, Marco, showed me around their easygoing environment. Thinking to myself what a dope place to work at, I felt more comfortable.Read more

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Brand Recognition Through Grocery Divider Ads

Whether you’re running an existing company, or attempting to get a start-up off the ground, brand recognition is an imperative to long-term success and costumer loyalty. Sure, some consumers may buy your product just because they like your product. But, many of the purchasing decisions consumers make are directly relative to how they feel about a brand, its mission, and the status they receive, or believe they receive, after purchasing that brand.Read more

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