Choosing The Right Social Media Platform

For many people nowadays, waking up in the morning involves brushing your teeth, making your bed, and checking what your feeds are looking like. Social Media has become the norm, millennials grew up with it, and the older generation is adapting to it. So, of course, the amount of people that use it combined with the ability to connect people to original content makes it invaluable to businesses. 

Despite their high value, the use of the most popular platforms are free! If harnessed strategically, businesses can gain major brand exposure, increase client base, and expand upon customer service.

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F’ed Up, Fired Up!

When setting goals for yourself, you need some accountability for your progress. Having an accountability partner to check in with weekly can help you stay on track.

Working with someone to complete your goals will make you feel inclined to do them. A quick way to check in with your partner is "F'ed up, fired up".

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How To Write Successful SEO Writing

Just as inMark is a business, so are search engines. That means they want to make money.  But, that won’t happen by promoting unprofessional sites to the top of consumer searches. Search engine web crawlers track what users want to read. That means conversational, clear and concise articles will ultimately win the race. Content that is difficult to understand will create nothing but failed views.

Here are some tips to get your content to the top of the search engine!

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Benefits of Supermarket Advertising

As a business owner you may be thinking of new ways to advertise and brand yourself. Depending on who your target audience is, your form of advertising should reflect your audience. If you are looking more for a large reach, maybe TV ads or broadcasting will do. But, how many people actually pay attention to those nowadays.

What if you are looking to reach your local market? I would say a newspaper ad of some sort will do you justice, but then again, who actually reads those anyways. On top of people not reading it, you are paying tons of money for your ad to get cycled once a week for a month.

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What Good Branding On Social Media Looks Like

Social Media is a powerful tool for businesses because it allows businesses to reach current and prospective clients directly. Businesses can also receive invaluable feedback that can help improve the way that they communicate with their audience. Not only can it use used to benefit businesses, but it can also hurt your business if you are not on social.

One of the biggest issues that businesses have is not setting up social accounts, but knowing what to do with them to get people engaged. If you feel like your business’ brand is not being represented the way you want it to on social, follow these strategies to get the results you want.Read more

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