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What is a logo?

A logo is a visual image that represents a company. In a group of pictures and words, you can tell the different companies and brands from the simple graphics they have chosen to associate with their product or service.

In a busy world where words take up more time than graphics, logos help make the companies memorable. For instance, a graphic of a bitten apple will remind you of apple products while a tick may remind you of Nike shoes.

Setting Your Business Apart From the Competition

A logo is an identity that helps to propel your products further from the competition. It's thus essential to create one that is unique to yourself. This way your clientele will not confuse your products with those of the competition.

Everyone wants something that piques their interest. Being different from the competition shows how much you’re willing to do things differently from the norm. A different logo from the usual Italian chef on a box of pizza works wonders on brand separation.

Creating Brand Recognition and Loyalty

You can tell your branding strategy works when your clientele can differentiate the name of your company and your products from the logo alone. Brand recognition is one of the successes of strategic branding processes. Your clients associate with your brand and become loyal to that.

Changing the brand to upgrade the look betrays some part of that brand loyalty. Remember consistency is vital in branding. When you keep changing the color pallets and the logo graphics, your clientele will get confused about your new change and thus choose the next best brand. 

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Benefits of Getting Enough Sleep

You may think you are getting enough sleep with 6 hours a night, maybe less. You probably think you're built for that lifestyle. Honestly, you are not. In rare occasions, some people can function the same with 5-6 hours of sleep. Most people do need 7-8 hours of sleep each night. The benefits of getting enough sleep will begin to show in your every day productivity and life. Ranging from your health, to mood, and even your sex life. You may want to think twice about staying up an hour or two later than you are supposed to.Read more

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Its All About Perspective!

The power of YOUR mind cannot be overlooked. You have the power to project your mindset onto the world. There are always at least two perspectives you perceive every second of every day. Did you wake up happy that you woke up this morning, or dreading that you had to make it to work on time?Read more

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Supermarket Brand Bar

Getting More Customers Through Guaranteed Ad Exposure

The Brand Bar is inMark Media’s newly designed and innovative grocery store divider. This advertising tool brings guaranteed exposure to our client’s target markets. Want to target locally? There’s no better place to advertise than in your local supermarket.

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Why Having a Website is Important For Your Small Business

No website means lost business. Over 2 billion people across the world use the internet, and 70 percent of them use it every day. Still, some small businesses are failing to raise their sales with one simple fix: a website.

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