Increase User Engagement with Motion and Animation

The average person sees around 300-700 ads and brands everyday. While that may seem like an absurdly high number or simply impossible, take a second to pick out all the brands around you at this very moment. Your Carmex chapstick, Apple computer, and Diet Coke are all branded materials.Read more

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5 Spiritual Benefits of Traveling

Life can get very repetitive if you don't change things up once in a while. You get stuck doing the same routine each day, maybe you have time for yourself on the weekends but you have chores piled up that you need to get done. This is why you need to make time for yourself and travel!Read more

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Your Daily Dose Of Motivation

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. And you should learn that daily motivation leaves no room for procrastination! Read more

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Why Supermarket Advertising is the New

Supermarket advertising is an innovative and localized form of brand advertising that distinguishes a company from its competitors. Advertising, since the beginning of print publications, is an important tool for companies to expose their products to their markets. Times have changed and it is getting difficult to reach people using the same methods, mostly print advertisements in magazines and newspapers. That is where supermarket advertising can help.

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Which Marketing Channel Should a New Business Use?

In some aspects, it’s very convenient that communication and media are practically embedded in our daily lives. But, in terms of figuring out which marketing channels to use, this creates an extremely overwhelming atmosphere for new and existing businesses.


So, where do you begin?Read more

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