Recruiting Like a Pro
By implementing original recruiting strategies in 2019, you find suitable candidates and fill the positions you need. When you make these connections, you can hire the best candidates faster and with less effort.

There’s More Like You?
Do research on the performance of your current best employee. What makes them stand out? Is it intellectual superiority? Domain dominance? Raw hunger and drive for success? Whatever genie your best employee has in their bottle, you need to find out what it is and then hire for those equivalent values.

Honesty is the Best Policy
Be candid about the expectations of the company. This strategy is necessary so that both parties can decide if the position is a good fit.

Hit the Reset Button
Don’t be afraid to completely rethink your old recruitment methods like posting on job boards. New recruitment strategies require the hiring of employees who will thrive at every stage of your company’s lifecycle.

Numbers Don’t Lie
Slow hiring means you will be left with a small talent pool. If you hire too promptly, it might mean you never get to meet the perfect candidate. To help you get your timing right, use data collection to work out your hire time to date.