Want success? You’ll need to work. Luckily, there’s some pretty successful people who already learned the ins-and-outs of the economy—and they did it the hard way.

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Creating a mentor/mentee relationship with successful business persons can help guide your business to achieve its goals. A mentor’s daily or weekly guidance will greatly improve your ability to manage your business.

When reaching goals, mentors are key. They understand your company’s weaknesses and recognize when your company is strong enough to proceed with risky investments.  Working with an advisor is the perfect route to gaining that same level of understanding and reaching your goals in a paced and innovative way.

New York States’ Empire State Development, an umbrella organization for New York State Urban Development Corporation and the Department of Economic Development, runs New York Business Mentor program, a free resource for entrepreneurs. The program is the first large-scale, hands-on mentoring program for New York State. It’s designed to help small businesses and dedicated entrepreneurs increase their successes.

Here’s how you can lead yourself and your business to a new level of success through the mentor program:


Create a profile on New York’s Empire State Development’s website. Fill out your profile like you would on a social media site. Include a description of yourself, your business, and all short and long term goals you have. If you don’t have any, then it’s time to make some!

Find business professionals who are in positons you think will be beneficial to your business. Reach out to the professionals you find and detail your interest in beginning a mentor experience.

Begin the mentoring process. This step is up to you and your mentor. Talk on the phone, exchange messages, or meet in person. Get to know your mentor and make sure they get to know you. Set goals with your mentor and discuss how you wish to improve your business.


The New York mentor program is conducted in partnership with Micro Mentor, an online mentoring platform that connects volunteer mentors with entrepreneurs. The program has linked hundreds of entrepreneurs with successful business persons. The relationships have led to successful navigation through businesses challenges for hundreds of businesses.