The sales sphere is constantly changing due to the Generations moving in and out of the workforce. As sales trends adapt, businesses must evolve alongside them.

The Future is Generation Z
Although Millennial’s are still an important buying force, Generation Z is catching up in terms of sales influence. This generation has never known a world without technology at the fingertips. They are linked to environmental issues and stepping outside accepted shopping norms. They prefer brick and mortar stores to online shopping.

Sales Enablement
A sales force can always benefit from a reassessment on strategy. Leaning new sales techniques are being continuously nurtured and implemented. A team always benefits from the realignment of objectives and skill set. If a new technique is added to the strategy, this sales enablement can encompass both old and new salespeople. This is a prudent way to readjust selling policy under the guise of training.

Click Through the Channels
Generation Z does extensive online research into a product before buying. They rely on reviews and star ratings to help them make a shopping decision. Personalized omni-channel marketing will impact both marketing and sales. They two channels must be integrated in a seamless way for this new generation of shoppers.