Graphic Design

The world is a pretty visual place, which means having the right design to represent your brand in a creative and strategic way is essential. Our graphic design team has the fresh mindset to provide your business with clean and fun visuals.


First impressions are the most lasting. Print advertising is often that first impression that potential customers will have of your company. That’s why well-executed ads are priceless. Yet somehow, we still make it cost effective.

Brand Development

While your logo and brand are closely related, they are two separate things. At inMark, not only do we understand the differentiation, but we also understand the importance of both for your company identity.

Website Development

Not so tech-savvy? Don’t worry. We are. We pay attention to the details that matter, including the utilization of CMS, adapting to any screen, and e-commerce responsive features. All while being able to easily manage content or online store.

Social Media

inMark takes the frustration out of figuring out how to use social media platforms. In fact, we not only know how to use each platform, but we know how each platform can serve a different and unique purpose.

Motion Graphics

Multimedia is a quick and effective way to disseminate information to your costumers. With motion graphics, complex ideas or products that cannot be succinctly explained through photos or text are easily relayed to consumers in a clean, modern way.

Copy Writing

Words matter. Because they hold power, inMark has acquired the copywriting skills necessary in order to create your company’s tone through text. Whether it’s blog posts, email campaigns, website copy, or social media posts, we’ve got you covered.

Email Marketing

Yes, even emails can be marketing tools, when used strategically of course. Cost effective and easily accessible, we offer the strategic subject lines and email formatting that reaches various potential clients, all by the click of the ‘send’ button.

Sales Consulting

When it comes to our Sales Consulting service, we make sure that you reach the finish line and come out a winner. How? Not only do we train sales reps to effectively sell your product or service, but also provide other training and mentoring so that your business grows to be even more successful.