Digital Displays

The network’s 32 inch high-definition screens mounted just above the product displays in every other checkout lane, create a dramatic “video wall” across the front end of the supermarket that can be seen by shoppers throughout the store.Retailer content drives the programming mix, including quick meal ideas and cooking tips, “What’s on Sale” spots, store services and community support. Additional news and weather content is provided by Impax, and all content is retailer-branded.


A high percentage of people in your trade area visit a grocery store, multiple times per week…when they leave, they are directly on your path to purchase.


The ability to deliver your message steps away from a purchase decision…perfect for branded content or advertising.


High levels of engagement combined with low cost and proof of performance create a tremendous media value

How does "Tru View" technology work?

The screens have built-in sensors and use our proprietary TruView eye-tracking technology to collect and analyze viewing data. The screens recognize eye contact and activate a time-counter for each view, measuring the number of people who see your content and how long they spend watching it. The TruView technology also uses facial detection to measure datapoints on a face…these datapoints are compared to a database of facial characteristics to anonymously determine the approximate age and gender of the viewer. The TruView technology doesn’t affect privacy, because images are not recorded. The FCC and OTC have approved the use of this technology in a retail environment.

Why They’re Called Supermarkets.

The Community Go-To. It’s the only place in your entire marketing area where all consumers need to go.Not only do people come here 2-3 times a week, but each time they’re spending at least 40 minutes there. That’s time your company can’t afford to lose. You can’t get more local than the supermarket in your neighborhood. The people there are the ones that matter most to your business.