Words matter… a lot.

They hold extreme power because they are the one link that allows all humans to communicate. And, that’s also why poorly structured copy creates poorly received communication.

At inMark, we understand just how powerful words are. That’s why conversational, clear and concise copy, whether on social media posts, blog posts, or your website, is our priority. Flawlessly structured copy creates powerfully received communication.

58% of consumers are either “somewhat” or “very” annoyed when a company’s copy has errors. That means, even without a personal introduction to your company, poorly written copy on your website, social media, or e-mails can influence over half of your potential costumers to have an unfavorable opinion of your company. Don’t fall short in the one aspect that can make an immense impact on your company.

InMark’s copywriting skills will help your company create its tone through text. Whether its email campaigns, websites, social media or blogging, we have the skills to create cohesive, lucid, and properly structured content that your audience will not only enjoy, but also respond positively to.

  • Email Campaigns
  • Website copy
    • SEO content
    • content focused on your mission
  • Social media copy
    • Strategic hash-tagging
    • Eye-catching and engaging captions
  • Blogging
    • SEO content
    • Industry relevant blogs