Shopping Carts

What better way to obtain brand familiarity than having your business within the customer’s vision for 45 minutes per visit? Shoppers will not only see your brand for their entire trip, but so will every person they cross paths-or aisles- with. Shopping carts are one of the best spaces to expose your brand in a smart way.


If people don’t see your ad, then people won’t remember it. Shopping carts are unique because they travel with the customer virtually everywhere they go.

Seen Often

If your ad isn’t seen often, then people won’t remember it. Shopping carts not only remain within a customer’s vision, but also with anyone within the cart’s proximity.

The Right People.

If your ad isn’t seen by the people who are important to your business, then what’s the point? The people found in your local supermarket are the ones who are most likely to do business with you.

Exclusive from your competition.

Did you know all of inMark’s supermarket advertising programs are completely exclusive from your competition? That’s right! We are entirely invested in our customers and their successes. We guarantee complete exclusivity from all your competitors when you participate in one of our programs. Your success is our happiness.


The community go-to. The most frequently visited location. The center of town. The average person goes to their local supermarket 2-3 times a week and spends an average of 40 minutes each trip there. Supermarkets are the only place in your entire marketing area all markets need to go. Local doesn’t get more local than your supermarket. Target the people that matter most to your business; advertise in your local supermarket with inMark.