Welcome Center

Obtain brand familiarity in the easiest way possible, by welcoming costumers to the place they frequent the most. Engage and entice potential customers with this interactive supermarket advertisement. Expose your brand to potential costumers upon their entrance to the supermarket, and quickly obtain brand familiarity within your market.


If people don’t see your ad, they can’t respond to it. These ads are strategically placed at the entrance and exit of the store!

Seen Often

If your ad isn’t seen often, then people won’t remember it. The average person goes to the supermarket 2 to 3 times PER WEEK!

The Right People.

If your ad isn’t seen by the people who are important to your business, then what’s the point? The people found in your local supermarket are the ones who are most likely to do business with you.

Exclusive from your competition.

Did you know that all of the program’s that we have in your local market are completely exclusive from your competition? That’s right! Unlike other forms or media advertising, we are so invested in our customers and their success, that when you participate in one of our programs you will be featured completely exclusive from all other competitors in your area.


The community go-to. The most frequently visited location. The center of town. The average person goes to their local supermarket 2-3 times a week and spends an average of 40 minutes each trip there. Supermarkets are the only place in your entire marketing area all markets need to go. Local doesn’t get more local than your supermarket. Target the people that matter most to your business; advertise in your local supermarket with inMark.