What’s the one place in town that every person has to visit at least once a week? What’s the store that sells something that everyone needs, regardless of their likes or interests? Still, don’t know? It’s the Supermarket!  The traffic of an average grocery store per week alone is pretty impressive…15,000-30,000 shoppers to be exact! The fact that the supermarket is one of the most visited places in your community makes it a prime space to advertise your small to medium-sized business.

So, what if we told you that we can get your business in one of the highly coveted supermarkets in your community? That’s where we come in. At inMark Media, we offer five different products that capture your business succinctly and deliver a clear message to your potential clients. It doesn’t get more local than the grocery store!

Welcome Center

Designed to be interactive, the Welcome Center is the first and last thing that shoppers see when they visit the grocery store. A beautiful, large display with a 2’x4’ full color ad, the welcome center can easily be noticed from far away. In addition to the large display, there is room to place smaller fliers, coupons, or other marketing materials to entice shoppers to approach the display. The purpose of the welcome center is to welcome shoppers, distribute weekly circulars, hand sanitizing wipes and provide branding opportunities.


Cart Corrals

A supermarket shopper is about to embark on their weekly food shopping trip. What’s the first thing they’ll need? A cart! A cart! Carts are an inevitable part of customers’ supermarket experience. Be part of both the beginning and end of their supermarket experience by choosing our cart corral advertisement. We guarantee that our cart corrals will give your brand repetitive and essential exposure.

Shopping Carts

What better way to obtain brand familiarity than having your business within the customer’s vision for 45 minutes per visit? Shoppers will not only see your brand for their entire trip, but so will every person they cross paths-or aisles- with. Shopping carts are one of the best spaces to expose your brand in a smart way.


Brand Bench

With its large size, bold color, and tactical placement, it catches the attention of even those in too much of a rush to sit down. It is one of our largest products that will display your company in style.


Brand Bins

Waste bins with a twist. Our strategically placed brand bins expose your brand to your target market, whether someone is actively utilizing the brand bins or not. That means if a customer is throwing out their latte or walking past the bin on their way out of the supermarket, your products and services are on their mind.


Brand Bars

A supermarket divider with a twist and innovative design, our versatile brand bars feature a 3-inch billboard that displays a double-sided advertisement. Brand bars guarantee exposure and engagement with your local market.

inMark not only makes the advertising easy, but we personalize strategy and design to meet your company needs and goals. Contact us today for more information!