When a small business has a goal to attract local markets, it can sometimes struggle with knowing exactly where that market is. Yes, it is local, but local can be a pretty broad word. Consumers’ behaviors can change weekly, if not daily, so it may be hard to predict the actions and locations of a small business’s target market.

One thing that remains constant in essentially every demographic across most markets is the need for food and the need to go food shopping. There is nothing that attracts the most locals than your neighborhood supermarket. Supermarkets give businesses, basically, all the key ingredients to a beautiful recipe: the location, the consumer traffic, all that’s missing? Exposure!

The X Factor

Supermarket advertising is the most effective form of localized brand advertising. It distinguishes companies and brands from non-local or even local competition. The continuous advertising repetition and exposure creates a consumer/company brand loyalty that is strictly incomparable to any other form of advertising.

What It Does

1. The repetitive nature of supermarket advertising creates a subconscious yet strong brand/consumer connection

The average supermarket shopper visits the grocery store about 2.2 times per week. That equates to, almost, 3 exposures of your ad per customer per week. At 3 exposures per week, there is very little room for the customer to not notice your ad or brand.

2. Consumer’s prolonged shopping experience means more time to expose your brand to your target market. (A lot more than a 30 second commercial or newspaper ad would.)

The average supermarket shopper spends around 41 minutes at the supermarket—per trip. 41 minutes, at 2.2 times per week, means your company and brand will have an average exposure time of 90.2 minutes per customer every week.

3. Supermarket shoppers are 90% more likely to visit the same supermarket year round than they are to visit multiple supermarkets.

Essentially, it’s almost guaranteed your target market will stay put. It’s just up to you if you’re ready for an investment that will multiply your brand recognition.

Even with the growth of technology, the average American is still visiting the grocery store on a weekly basis. Supermarket advertising guarantees repetitive, targeted and local exposure.