Advertising in your local supermarket can greatly increase your business’ renown. Brand bars in particular, allow you to literally put your advertisements in the hands of your customers. Brand bars are tools that separate groceries at every checkout line. Unlike traditional supermarket dividers, however, our versatile brand bars feature a 16-inch wide billboard that displays a double-sided advertisement, guaranteeing exposure and engagement with your local market. But how are brand bars effective? 

Exposure is the first step to having people recognize your brand. In order to gain this recognition, you need to reach out to people. A great example is strategically placing ads at every checkout lane so that customers see and respond to your ad.

Seen Often:
Let’s say you’ve invested in placing your ad on a billboard. Now you’re on your way to recognition! But, unfortunately, one billboard isn’t going to cut it. For your brand to get some serious recognition, your ad needs to be seen constantly, as to remind people of your existence. If your ad isn’t constantly reminding people of your services, it takes the chance of being forgotten.

Exposing your brand to people is important, but exposing it to the right people is imperative. The last thing you want to do is spend your time exposing your brand to people who are either not interested, or don’t apply to the service you are providing. What a waste of time! That’s why it’s important to target the right audience. Placing your ads in a location that is specific to your target audience can make the difference between wasted money, and a successful ad campaign.