When it comes down to supermarkets, marketing, and advertising departments being aware of consumer behavior, it is important to segment their target markets to efficiently increase their business’ success.

Behavioral Segmentation

Behavioral segmentation is the most relevant type of market segmentation when it comes to supermarkets and advertising your product or service in them. Behavioral segmentation divides consumers into groups according to their usage loyalties or buying response for a product. Consumer loyalty, brand switching, non-users of any brand, heavy users of your competitors are all components that marketers and advertisers use to analyze a consumer’s behavior.

Online Marketing

As technological advances continue to increase, different ways of advertising have been being used to attract consumers in supermarkets. According to a study done by Aptaris, (a consumer science company) digital circles have become essential due to the fact that “shoppers are increasingly moving their planning and shopping online”. Thus, digital optimization is important to success. Many food retailers are investing money tactically through the use of mobile, digital and social devices.

Evolve Your Marketing

As Generation X and Y continue to age and grow, advertisers need to develop an expertise in advertising and promoting their product or service through social media. The opportunity for a business to grow and gain exposure through the use of social media continues to increase. Studies from Aptaris display “that total shopper usage of social media exceeds retail social presence”. Therefore, companies investing money to advertise their product in supermarkets need to develop social media strategies and engage in social media to connect efficiently and productively to the consumer.

The 80—20 rule of advertising states that “20% of a company’s customers account for 80% of its sales volume”. It is for this reason companies should really take initiative to create new marketing/ advertising strategies and methods to keep loyal customers and gain new ones in this technologically advanced modern world we live in.