As a business owner/marketer, you need to make sound decisions that benefit your business in the long run. Planning strategically rather than tactically for a short-term gain will put you in a better position to succeed. inMark has the perfect advertising space for people to not only touch your ad once but each time they see it! No wonder more and more business owners are choosing our Brand Bars set in their local supermarkets! 

Experience the wonders of our Brand Bars in its totality and become the best-known business in your local community! What we offer with any of our products are repetition, exposure, and precise targetting.


The average shopper doesn’t go to the supermarket only once, they are usually back and forth from their home to the supermarket either getting last minute ingredients, doing their weekly shopping, or buying that one craving that just popped up on their taste buds. Whatever the reason is that gets them to the lane belt will ultimately bring them straight to your ad! Repeated visits guarantee more views for your ad. More views equate to a better campaign.


This is arguably the most important aspect of our Brand Bar. Your ad is consistently exposed to everyone coming out of a supermarket. Strategically placed where everyone will either see it waiting in line or touch the palm of their hand when they pick it up to divide their groceries. An ad that is not seen is a waste of time and money, be sure to be seen with inMark!


You are in the right place strategically, your ad is being seen multiple times a week, but who are you targeting? If your target audience is your local community then there is no place like the local supermarket! People don’t travel more than 2 miles in most communities for a supermarket, it is the most centralized location in most towns. For a small business yearning to be known in their community, this is the location to be advertised in.

As if that’s not enough…

We also afford the opportunity to be advertised EXCLUSIVELY. We believe that a business choosing to advertise with us shouldn’t compete with other businesses in the same field. Choosing inMark will eliminate all worries of being thrown in a magazine or newspaper with hundreds of other ads, or purchasing airtime on a heavily packed TV network. Be the only business, and be the best-known.

So quit waiting around for a better opportunity to come and contact us!