How many times have you turned down a new opportunity because of your fear of change? Change is scary, it is uncertainty, and it is different from the norm. A lot can go wrong with change, but more often than not, it goes well. Fear of change should be the least of your worries when introducing your brand to consumers through supermarket advertising! 

This is where your consumers go about twice a week to do their grocery shopping. It is the most centralized spot in its community because most people don’t drive more than 2 miles to get to their local supermarket. And lastly, everyone, no matter their income, has to go to the supermarket!

Being a smart business owner is easy until you face options, and some options are riskier than others. How do you make the right decision? Well, as for your advertising needs, our supermarket advertising programs are sure to hit the three main points an ad should hit.


Now you are the exclusive business in your local supermarket, so what? Well, let me explain. The average grocery shopper goes to their local market 2 to 3 times a week. That is 8 to 12 times a month! Depending on how long your ad is up, the consumer will be seeing your add multiple times over the course of 6 months to a year!


When you are trusting in an ad space, you want all the exposure you can get for your buck. And this is where a supermarket excels. Your ad will get all of the exposure you need because of its centralized location and the need to shop at the said location.

Target Audience:

Sometimes with ads, you don’t really know who you are advertising to. You may have a great ad, but you are reaching the wrong people. What is an ad without the right audience anyway? For a business working locally, your audience is the local persona. There is no better way to reach them, than their local supermarket!