As an advertising company and a media agency, inMark has many products and services to choose from. There is something for every business looking to become known in their local community.

With a patented idea becoming the backbone of our running business, our Brand Bars deserve this week’s highlight of the week. 


With a 16 x 3 inch billboard of advertising space on both sides, it is the ideal size for grocery lane belts. A customized Brand Bar makes it a pleasing sight to see while people wait on line, and it is light enough to be moved around with no problem.

What The Supermarket Gains: 

The supermarket gains just as much from the Brand Bar as the business using the advertising space. By adding Brand Bars to your supermarket chain, it will instantly enhance the aesthetic of your lane belt. It will also create a better experience for your customers. Our billboards aren’t overwhelming and catch the eyes of people nearby.

Our nifty brand bars offer in-store messaging for your chain and provide local sponsorship that guarantees passive revenue and engagement from your local market.

What The Advertisers Gain:

The advertisers gain a platform. The most centralized location in their community, and repeated exposure. Shoppers go to the supermarket 2-3 times a week and for 30-40 minutes on average. With constant exposure to shoppers, a business advertising on our Brand Bars will see a long lasting growth in their brand name. People will recognize them outside of the supermarket, and once the service or product is needed, be assured that shoppers will contact the named business.

What The Shoppers Gain:

Waiting in line can be tedious and boring for shoppers, especially if it is a long line. Shoppers tend to look around for things to grab their attention, and the Brand Bar does just that. With an aesthetic to catch eyes, and useful advertisements of local businesses the shoppers don’t lose anything and gain everything.