We’re stepping up our game this new year, introducing our Digital Screens for supermarket advertising in 2018! You may have a New Year’s resolution to fulfill, and so do we.

Affording innovative ways to advertise your small business in the local community is on the top of our list. This is exactly what we have done with our digital screens. Our state of the art digital screens is a new way  for your business to gain exposure in our lane gate program.

Our digital screens place your ad on a high-definition video screen at the front of the store in the checkout lanes. Why wouldn’t you want your small business promoted on a screen that will catch the shopper’s eyes? That’s right, you would! With a synchronized video wall across the front of the store, it will be very hard for the shoppers to not glance at the screen at least twice.

These screens leverage the 41 minutes of in-store time and the 13.1 minutes of screen dwell time. This allows for the shoppers to walk around the store and see your ad at all times, no matter how long they are walking around they will see a different portion of the ad eventually. It presents engaging content and targeted promotional offers as they shop and while they wait to check out.

The world of advertising is always changing, and changing with the times is a must. At inMark, we try our best to stay at the top of the game with new ways to advertise in supermarkets. These digital screens will boost your business’ exposure to the top. Contact us for any inquiries.