As a small business, it can be difficult to get noticed during the holidays, that’s where supermarket advertising can help. Well established businesses usually get all the business because people tend to stick to the sure outcome when buying a product or service. Getting your ads out in the open can be difficult because of all of the big time ads that get most of the exposure.

Getting noticed in the supermarket is the easy way of exposing your small business to the local community. With inMark’s strategically placed advertisements in the supermarkets, it is hard to go through the process of buying groceries without seeing these ads. Especially during the holidays when people are going to the supermarkets to buy ingredients for their family meals.

These are a few reasons why you’ll get noticed through supermarket advertising!


Supermarket shoppers already go to the supermarket 2 to 3 times a week. During the holidays this number will increase because people are either traveling to eat dinner at someone’s house, or hosting people themselves. This calls for more trips to the supermarket for more food!  More trips to the supermarket means more times these customers will see your ad.


inMark’s Brand Bar on grocery belt

Location is key and where your advertisement is shown is the most important aspect of the actual ad. Ads in newspapers and tv commercials will ultimately do little for your business. In the supermarket, each of inMark’s advertisements is strategically placed to where the customer’s eyes will be looking. This guarantees the exposure of your local business.


Pointless adds are ones that target the wrong audience. Who can see your ad is very important to your local business. You don’t want your ad as a tv commercial for a child, or on a newspaper nobody reads. Placing your ad in our partner supermarkets will guarantee local exposure to the community around your small business.


You know your target audience better than anyone. With inMark Media, you choose which stores you would like your ad in. This is crucial because you choose stores that make the most sense for you. Your target audience most likely shops at supermarkets, it is up to you in which store your ad should be placed.

Holidays are a hit or miss for businesses. Allow us to make holidays your favorite season. For inquiries contact us at