If you haven’t already heard of inMark Media’s Supermarket advertising program, continue reading to get with the program! Our program consists of many products that will enhance the brand recognition of your small business in your local community. Targeting every moment a customer is shopping, ranging from the start of their experience with welcome centers, and ending with brand bars. 

Our team is filled with experienced graphic designers that will do everything they can to create an outstanding advertisement that you enjoy and is appealing to the hundreds of shoppers in your community. It doesn’t matter who your target audience is, as long as they go to a supermarket for their groceries, we will reach them. With a cost effective rate it is a no brainer for businesses that want to ensure their advertising budget is being used at its full potential.

On top of exceptional delivery, we pride ourselves on exclusivity. How many other businesses are advertising the same product or service on the same publications as you? How many other businesses are advertising on the same TV channel as you? How can these advertisements guarantee that the audience will see YOU and ultimately choose YOU. That is how we separate ourselves from our competitors. We offer advertisements for a couple of different businesses, so you don’t have to compete with your competitors.

Here is a list of our product line.

  • Brand Bars

 An update to the original grocery store checkout divider. InMark’s Brand Bars feature a 3-inch high billboard that displays a double sided advertisement. Our distinct and sharp Brand Bars are unique from other advertisements. Focusing on growing brand awareness for a small business within their community, the brand bar is sure to deliver recognition and exclusivity.


  • Brand Bins 

Think about it. Most people go to supermarkets for an extended period of time, and the chances of them having a bottled beverage, receipt, or something to throw out is in our favor. These trash bins advertise our clients on the sides. That means when a customer is going to throw out their latte, your business is what’s on their mind.


  • Brand Bench

These are for those shoppers that are shopping for an extended time and need a break, or those who are waiting for their ride home. Brand benches have more than enough space to make your ad stand out for everyone that walks by. Our dynamic and versatile platforms are strategically placed so they catch the attention of even those who are in too much of a rush to sit down.


  • Digital Screens 

Grocery TV Network’s 32 inch high definition screens are mounted just above the product displays in every other checkout lane. The TV  draws the attention of customers with vibrant motion graphics on each TV creating a “video wall” across the front end of the supermarket. You won’t have to worry about your business being the center of attention! 


  • Cart Corrals 

A potential customer is about to embark on their weekly food-shopping trip. What’s the first thing they’ll need? A cart! That’s where they’ll see your advertisement. You’ll be on their mind from the beginning of their shopping experience to the end, AND even on their drive home after dropping the cart off at the corral.


  • Shopping Carts 

Placing your ad on a shopping cart your business is guaranteed to travel with a shopper for an average of 41 minutes a trip! That is a lot of time to be exposed and make an impression on your audience.

  • Welcome Center 

Obtain brand familiarity in the easiest way possible. What’s a better way to get exposure among your local market than by welcoming them to the place they frequent the most? Our 7-foot tall welcome centers are the first engaging material customers will see when arriving to the supermarket.


Interested in joining our program? Contact us at inMark Media and inquire about our packages.