As an owner of a small to medium sized business, there are many options for advertising. But, how many of those options actually generate a positive return on investment?

Not many, and compared to digital advertising, advertising in a supermarket is more hands on. Advertising on a TV or the web can get you customers but you will usually spend more than you gain if not done properly. People may not even look at your ad because they are constantly bombarded with others, and even your competitors.

The truth is that as long as people need food, supermarket advertising is always a good choice. Why is that? Let’s break it down for you:

The Need For Supermarkets

The fact of the matter is that grocery shopping is always going to be a necessity. It doesn’t matter if the household of each shopper mostly cooks their own food or if they order takeout, there are just some things at the supermarket that you need to get. Basic human needs such as food, water, sanitary products, and even electronics are sold here. This combined with timely convenience is what makes the supermarket the preferred method of shopping, even with free two day shipping as an option. Food and sanitary products are the kind of products you purchase when your sources have been depleted, so it is unlikely for shoppers to get them through online shopping.

Less Distractions

When shoppers go to the supermarket, phone usage drastically decreases. The reason for this is because shoppers need to focus on the different products being offered. Sales, deals, and clearances capture their attention rather than an Instagram or Facebook notification. So even with technology present, shoppers will be highly attentive to their surroundings. This is the perfect opportunity to expose your business with limited digital technology distracting your audience.

Seal the Deals

No amount of online shopping will ever get rid of the illustrious grocery store sale. Shoppers will likely want to visit the store in person for deals on products that might not be doing well for that specific store. This combined with coupon usage and an overall need to see products in person when buying at a discounted price solidifies the idea that supermarkets aren’t going out of style for a long time.

Consequently, this means that Supermarket Advertising is here to stay and dominate. Technology is actually enhancing the supermarket advertising industry. Interactive products, user generated content, and social media can all be breakout factors of the newer, more customized form of advertisement that is always sought. Rest assured that the best way to reach your local target audience is still the supermarket. Want to reach your local audience? Check out our various supermarket advertising products to take your small to medium-sized business to the next level! Visit our page at or contact us now!