With supermarket advertising you are not limited to one space, inMark provides a few options to reach your target audience. We often promote our brand bars to local businesses, but we offer other products like welcome centers, shopping carts, cart corrals, brand bins, brand benches and now, DIGITAL SCREENS! Here are some brief descriptions of our products for you to choose which is best for your business!

Brand Bars

Brand bars are not the typical grocery dividers you see in every checkout lane. At inMark Media, we have an innovative design that separates it from our competitors. Our nifty brand bars are made with a 3-inch billboard that displays a double-sided advertisement, guaranteeing passive revenue and engagement from your local market.

Welcome Centers

Our welcome centers are strategically placed at the entrance or exit of the store. The first or last thing a customer sees coming in and out of a supermarket. These welcome centers stand at a whopping 71/2 feet tall for precise targeting to guarantee you get noticed.

Shopping Cart

These are special because we place your ad in every cart in the store! Customers will be walking around with your ad for the 30 to 60 minutes they spend in the supermarket. That is a lot of time spent with your ad and can create countless opportunities for you.

Cart Corrals

Cart corrals are strategically placed in the parking lot where customers are either glancing at it on the way in or putting their carts back at the end of their experience.  These corrals are 30″ by 46″ so they are big enough to get the attention of customers walking into a supermarket.

Brand Bins

These garbage bins are covered with ad space for your business. Strategically positioned at the entrance and exit of the store, customers eyes will be drawn to the bins because of the colors. It’s not your average bin that you just walk by and throw your trash in. With the help of our graphic designers, these bins will be the most important trash bins you ever come across.

Brand Benches

These are your typical ad filled benches you see at bus stops and on the street. Only thing is, ours are placed where shoppers may take a seat if they are waiting for a cab or for the car to pull around.

With so many options to advertise in supermarkets, why wouldn’t you? Partner with us at inMark to get the most out of your ads. That isn’t our only specialty. Let us know if managing your social media or webpage is too much for you, we can help. Contact us at inMark Media so we can get to work!

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