It is the new year and you are looking for different approaches to reach your local audience. You may be looking for new ways to reach your audience. Choosing supermarket advertising is the right decision because of its exposure to the right audience.

Supermarket advertising reaches the people in your small business’ community; the prospective clients and the unexpected ones. Choosing supermarket advertising is a smart decision for its price and its reward. Investing into supermarket advertising you get our graphic designers’ best work for your ad, as well as strategic location in the supermarkets, and repeated exposure to your local audience. With the different products that inMark has to offer, you can find what is right for you.

Reaching your local audience is easier than ever with inMark. Advertising in a supermarket is beneficial because it is the community go-to. The most frequently visited location. The center of town. The average person goes to their local supermarket 2-3 times a week and spends an average of 40 minutes each trip there. Supermarkets are the only place in your entire marketing area all markets need to go to. Local doesn’t get more local than your supermarket. Target the people that matter most to your business; advertise in your local supermarket with inMark.

Your brand will begin to grow because of the consistent exposure to your community. Even if a customer doesn’t want your services, they may know a friend who will! The better you brand yourself, the more your brand will be in their mind. Allow inMark to develop your brand while you focus on improving your business.

Now that you know what are services do for your brand, here is a list of some of our supermarket advertising products.

  1. Brand Bars
  2. Brand Bins 
  3. Brand Bench
  4. Cart Corrals 
  5. Shopping Carts 
  6. Welcome Center 

Visit our page to contact us for any comments or questions. Have a Happy New Year!