How many times have you seen a Coke-a-cola commercial on TV in the past 6 months? More than enough times to have their brand embedded in your head. This is exactly what you should aim to do when you are advertising your business. Coke-a-cola does this by having an ongoing campaign that you repeatedly see throughout the course of a given time frame.

So how do you do this without loads of money spent on TV ads? Branding through cost-effective supermarket advertising!

Our brand bars are strategically placed where everyone shopping at the said supermarket will literally touch your advertisement. With this kind of exposure, it is only right to get the repetitive exposure you deserve. Repetitive exposure works for the future of your company, growing your brand the longer your ad is up. Building that connection with your audience subtly without coming off too strong is important because you don’t want to “force” your business on your audience.

Branding yourself strategically over time often works wonders for a business, especially one with a local target audience. Chances are your audience won’t need your service or product when they first see your ad. So why tailor your ad for instant gratification, when you know slow and steady wins the race. Having your ad consistently in the hands of your audience will lead to a better overall brand and the next time Becky has a friend looking for a new car, she’ll remember seeing your ad countless times in the past and refer you to her friend. That is how building a brand through repetition works in your favor.

Next time you are looking for a new and efficient way to advertise, think about us, think about how you want your brand to be known, and think about your success. We can help put you in the position to grow and become the most well-known business in your local area. Contact us at or call us at 844-INMARK-1 for a free consultation!