There are different ways to approach an advertising campaign and it is based on the results that you are looking for. Are you thinking long term or do you want instant gratification? If it is the latter, then our products won’t be in line with your vision.

What is the difference between strategic and tactical marketing?

Tactical Marketing

Tactical marketing has to do with the action of implementing ideas for your given business and mostly focuses on short-term gain. It can take the form of anything ranging from a sponsored coupon for people to purchase products or services right when they see the ad, to the step by step actions that make it happen. Some popular techniques used, especially on social media, are contents, giveaways, refer-a-friend program. It is an ongoing process that can always be improved.

Businesses go wrong with tactical marketing when they don’t think about the strategical part of marketing. Focusing on tactical marketing before you even built your brand is a recipe for failure in the long run.

Strategical Marketing

Businesses use strategic marketing when creating a plan to expand their reach and build a brand to increase profitability and productivity in their campaigns. This is the category where supermarket advertising falls into. When advertising in a supermarket through inMark Media, you the shortest contract you can purchase is 6 months. This is because we are not aiming to get you one or two sales right away. We pride ourselves on building your brand. It takes exposure, repetition, and precise targetting, all of which we offer to all of our clients.

The longer your business is in our supermarket ads, the more times people will see your business and in turn, trusting your brand. Advertising for the long run is exactly what you get. We want people thinking of your business in their time of need, instead of buying one time because of a coupon or a giveaway.

Next time you are choosing which route to go when deciding on a marketing campaign, think long-term before short-term. Building a short-term marketing campaign won’t sustain your business. Contact us at inMark Media to see how we can help your business become the most well known in your community.