Supermarket advertising is exactly what it sounds like: advertising in supermarkets. The in-and-outs of traditional advertising can be difficult to figure out, especially for small businesses whose budgets are not as developed as larger companies.

Even with proper planning and an adequate budget, a company can spend months working on an ad campaign only for it to get lost among its competitors. Competition is the achilles’ heel to any company. It’s what drives away consumers and decreases sales.

That’s why supermarket advertising works—it’s exclusive.

Supermarket advertising is entirely exclusive. Our clients are the only company in their industry that advertise in their local supermarkets. That means there’s no outshining competitors and no fear that your competitors advertisements will outshine yours. The only focus is your advertisement’s quality.

Why exclusivity? Because inMark cares. We care about our clients and their successes.

InMark’s supermarket advertising products:

  1. Brand Bins
  2. Brand Bars
  3. Brand Benches
  4. Cart Corrals
  5. Welcome Center
  6. Grocery TV Network

 Brand Bins

Think about it. Most people go to supermarkets for an extended period of time, and a lot of them bring a coffee or drink with them. These trash bins advertise our clients on the sides. That means when a costumer is going to throw out their latte, your business is what’s on their mind.

 Brand Bars

 An update to the original grocery store checkout divider. InMark’s Brand Bars feature a 3-inch high billboard that displays a double sided advertisement. Our distinct and sharp Brand Bars are unique from other advertisements. Their innovation is sure to catch the eye of supermarket shoppers.


Brand Benches        

If a shopper is tired, what are they going to do? Sit down. That’s why brand benches are one of the smartest investments for small businesses. Our dynamic and versatile platforms are strategically placed so they catch the attention of even those who are in too much of a rush to sit down.


Cart Corrals

A potential costumer is about to embark on their weekly food-shopping trip. What’s the first thing they’ll need? A cart! That’s where they’ll see your advertisement. You’ll be on their mind from the beginning of their shopping experience to the end, AND even on their drive home after dropping the cart off at the corral.


Welcome Center

Obtain brand familiarity in the easiest way possible. What’s a better way to get exposure among your local market than by welcoming them to the place they frequent the most? Our 7-foot tall welcome centers are the first engaging material costumers will see when arriving to the supermarket.


Grocery TV Network

Grocery TV Network’s 32 inch high definition screens are mounted just above the product displays in every other checkout lane. By creating a “video wall” across the front end of the supermarket, your business will be the center of attention. 

Advertising isn’t easy, but inMark makes it easier. Our supermarket advertising programs allow companies to exclusively advertise their businesses to their local markets in their local supermarkets. If you or someone you know is interested in our services, call 1-844-INMARK-1 or visit our website for more information about our programs.