As a part of the business industry, your goal is to advertise as much as possible so more people can learn about your wonderful product/service, thus helping your company to expand. Now, imagine a place where people from around town meet, twice a week for approximately forty minutes. That would be the perfect place to put an advertisement, so everyone can get a chance to see the product/service your business offers. But what kind of place attracts so much attention, and from so many differing clientele?

Where is it?:
Your local supermarket, that’s what! Supermarkets are the only place in your area that all markets need to go. That makes it a prime location to start your advertising campaign. By putting ads for your business in the supermarket, you are spreading awareness to your clientele constantly. Thanks to this constant exposure, awareness for your business will increase exponentially.

How effective is it?:
But how do you accomplish this kind of recognition? Exposure, Targeting, and Repetition. First and foremost, Supermarket advertising exposes your company to all markets, as mentioned above. Secondly, choosing the right store to advertise in can help you target your customers. Finally, repetition is essential to keep people thinking about your business. Repetition hammers the thought of your business into customers heads, and keeps them from forgetting by the time they get home.