Discovering the secrets to supermarkets’ advertising success is not as hard as you think. Retail marketing has loads of facts and demographics at its fingertips to drive the advertising decisions they make. Here are some of them.

Let the Promotions Begin!
In-store promotions can drive sales success. Working with the buyers to move products in this way also fosters a better relationship. Customers are instantly attracted to buying products supported by an in-store promotion. When a customer feels they are getting a bargain, it creates a feeling of optimism that they associate with the brand. It’s the same idea as the baker who throws in an extra free bun into the bag when the customer asks for six. That seventh bun gets the customer back in the door.

Did Somebody Say Discounts?
Discounts on products can drive sales. However, there is a fine line that a brand should not cross if it wants to maintain its cost appeal. Two for the price of one discounts uphold a brand’s glamour, whereas continuous discounted price tags can make the customer associate the brand with low quality.

Be the Customer You Want to Attract
Think about what draws you towards buying a product and turn that logic around to be an example of your customers’ mindset. If you see a product that you believe could be better represented, make a note of this for future discussion. Attracting customers to a product for the first time guarantees they will consider buying it again in the future.