It’s important to understand the type of result you gain from investing in Supermarket Advertising. It is not uncommon to hear the ‘doubters’ question how exactly Supermarket Advertising is effective.The problem with assuming its ineffectiveness lies in the misconception of the purpose Supermarket Advertising serves. Luckily, we’re here to break down those misconceptions and reveal the truth behind the effects of Supermarket Advertising!

Direct-Response Marketing

Odds are that when you ask people outside of advertising what kind of results a good ad should have, they will often describe the effects of direct-response. When you hear direct-response you think of conversion. A Direct-Response focused-marketer will want to offer something in exchange for something else. While conversions are typically higher with direct-response focused advertising due to the nature of the ad, it does not do well in bringing in the metrics for response-rate. The truth is that Direct-Response only taps into the consumers ‘buy’ mode. In reality, effective and efficient advertising taps into ‘buy’ mode, as well as awareness, branding, and others.  

Brand Marketing

Brand Marketing is the sector in which supermarket ads are the most effective. The goal of a supermarket ad is not so much to sell, but to inform. When a company focuses on branding, they understand that the objective of the ad is to aid the client in choosing one company or individual over another. By utilizing Supermarket ads, the company or individual investing understands that they are making their services recognizable by having consumers repeatedly observing their ads in a space that they visit at least 2x a week. Then, when it comes time for the consumer to use a service or provider, the likelihood of choosing the Supermarket investor over their competition is higher because that consumer will have built a subconscious relationship with that provider. Branding brings overall awareness to a company which is vital for public relations, social media, and many other sectors within running a business.

As quoted by marketing expert Jason Falls, “Think of the two types of brand communications like this: Direct-Response Marketing helps people buy. Brand Marketing helps people choose.”

However, something worth noting is that Brand Marketing can also be used to get people to buy once you have established a relationship with the consumer where they chose you over others. Basically, you are more likely to get customer retention through Brand Marketing than with Direct-Response Marketing. Contact us at inMark Media and ask about our Supermarket Advertising opportunities near you! Space is limited!