You’re at the supermarket, and it’s about time to check out. There’s already a costumer checking out in front of you, so you reach for the grocery divider on the checkout lane to separate your purchases from theirs. But, you quickly realize this is not any ordinary grocery divider.
Sure, you’ve seen grocery dividers before, but this one is different—it’s branded. InMark media’s brand bars offer advertisement space on grocery dividers in supermarkets across the country. Unlike other grocery dividers with advertisements, inMark Media’s includes a three-inch billboard that displays clearly branded advertisements for small and medium companies. Not convinced brand bars can suit your business? Check out what your business can benefit from advertising on an inMark media brand bar.

1. Just you and your market

Arguably one of the best perks of our branded grocery dividers is the exclusivity that comes with them. When you decide to make a (very smart) decision to advertise your small business on one of our brand bars, you are embarking on an exclusive opportunity. What does that mean for your small business? That your business is the only one in your industry that will be in your target market’s supermarket. So, all the shoppers will remember you, and only you, next time they need a lawyer, lawn service, etc.

2. They’ll see you again, and again, and again…

When you go to the grocery store and purchase something, you have to check out. It doesn’t matter if you go there three times in one day, three times in a week, or three times in a year. The check-out process is completely unavoidable, and so is seeing the grocery dividers where your company’s advertisement could be! Repetition is one of the most important parts of building a brand, and branded grocery dividers make it almost completely effortless and almost guaranteed.

3. Completely tangible

There’s no better way to reach your market than to be in their hands—literally. Grocery dividers are tangible and constantly used by grocery shoppers. But, our brand bars take that to the next level, with a three-inch, completely unique, advertisement space for small businesses. It is so unique, that shoppers are bound to take take note of it.

Listen, everyone goes to the supermarket. I mean, do you know a single person who has never stepped food in a supermarket? Probably not. Make an investment in your small business that could lead your company right to your target market’s feet. Whether it’s a brand bar, cart corral, or brand bin, inMark media has all the advertising tools to bring your small business to success.