inMark Media’s supermarket advertising does good for all parties involved. From the supermarket chain that allows us to put our products in their chain, the local businesses who occupy the ads, to even the local customers that are shopping at these chains. With supermarket advertising everybody eats. 

Taking a look at our brand bars which are not your typical grocery dividers you see at every checkout lane. At inMark Media we have an innovative design that separates it from our competitors. Our nifty brand bars are made with a 3-inch billboard that displays a double-sided advertisement, guaranteeing passive revenue and engagement from the respective local market.

Supermarket Chain

Supermarket chains gain a lot from allowing us to put our products in their stores. Our brand bars alone bring an aesthetic to the lane belt for the customers waiting on line. It’s something different than they’re accustomed to. The supermarket chain gains support from local businesses that decide to buy ad space in their store. On top of looking pretty and gaining support, supermarkets are able to afford marketing opportunities that yield passive revenue from local businesses and engagement from their customers.

Supermarket Customers

The customers are the most important component to our ads. Without them there would be no revenue for either the supermarket or the local business. Making our products stand out is on the top of our list when it comes to production. Catching their eyes will bring awareness of the local businesses around them. These customers may be looking for marketing opportunities for themselves or know a friend who is, and that opportunity will be present.

Local Business

Businesses have the most to gain from supermarket advertising. Placing your ads strategically throughout the supermarket will afford them exposure to the customers that spend roughly 30 to 60 minutes shopping. Your ad will also be viewed repeatedly because those loyal shoppers will be headed to the supermarket 2 to 3 times a week. And what better audience to target than your local customers? Placing your ad in a supermarket near you will bring in local clients!

If you’re thinking of advertising in supermarkets then you’ve come to the write page! Contact us at inMark Media to find out what is best for you! Remember, everybody eats!