Investing in your BRAND!

As a business owner, no matter the size of your team, your brand is the most important part of a growing company. How you build your brand will directly impact your growth. Will people only think of you when they see something in front of them, or will they see a random checkmark and think “NIKE”? That is the power of branding, nonetheless, it is crucial to invest in your brand in one way or another.

Lucky for you, we make it our mission to make you the most recognized brand in your community! We can do this in a plethora of ways.

Supermarket advertising

Ahhh, yes, SUPERMARKET ADVERTISING! If we have done our job properly, you know that this is our bread and butter when it comes to our business. We offer many different forms of advertising, ranging from our most popular, the brand bar, to what you may have seen before, ads on shopping carts.

Supermarkets are the most centralized market in a community given that locals do not like to travel far to put food in their fridge. We have utilized this market and afford you the opportunity to reach your local community in their favorite place for food. Everyone eats, and people have to shop, why not reach them where they are bound to go at least twice a week.

Use this to your advantage and make a smart investment for your brand. Our end goal is for your clients to see your brand so much that when they need your service, their first thought is you! 

But that’s not all!

Our agency services are the other half of what we do. This is all of your marketing needs as a business. Our design team can create your logo, motion graphics, and websites. We have the capacity to run your social media, write copy for your pages, and start email campaigns. Basically, anything you need to be done, consider it done!

Everything we do will be on brand with what you want people to think and know of your business. With introductory interviews, we gather all the information we need to build your image and make sure we get the right message across.

Next time you are thinking of investing in your brand, do your homework and choose the agency that is right for you! Think about us, think about how you want your brand to be known, and think about your success. We can help put you in the position to grow and become the most well-known business in your local area. Contact us at or call us at 844-INMARK-1 for a free consultation!


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