The goal of effective advertising is not about reaching as many people as possible. The goal is to connect to the right people; the people that are interested in your business and its products. If you’re looking to connect with the right people, think about advertising in your local supermarket. Yeah, the people are mainly there for the food. But also, these stores have visitors that are not only in your target market, but they’re literally in your backyard. What an opportunity to make some local connections for your local business!

Here are the three main reasons why you should really be thinking about supermarket advertising:

Exposure- Everyone’s gotta eat, which means that everyone makes a stop at the supermarket during week. In fact, people usually visit the supermarket at least twice a week, with each visit being around 40 minutes. That means your ads are being exposed for 80 minutes per shopper each week at least! Add on top of the fact that supermarket ads are placed in shoppers’ vision, no matter where they are, your ad has a much higher chance of being seen than other traditional mediums.

Repetition- Let’s face it, if your ad isn’t seen often, people are not going to remember it. Luckily, supermarket advertising fixes that problem rather simply. Supermarkets see tens of thousands of shoppers each week. So multiply that with the average length of a shopping trip and the two times people visit the store and wow, that’s a lot of watch time.

Targeting- Yes, online shopping and food delivery services are on the rise. However, a vast majority of people are still visiting their local markets and this is a great place to reach potential customers. Supermarket advertising is meant to put your ads in a place where that contains your target audience cause once again, everybody has to eat. So, the people you are trying to reach are inevitably going to visit the place you’re advertising from. Kind of a win-win; people buy their favorite snacks while being enticed by your favorite ad!

Remember, its all about brand recognition, and supermarket advertising is a pretty effective strategy to achieve that goal.