Supermarket shopping behavior has changed for the better and has created direct opportunities for effective, local advertising.

Society is changing, and it’s changing quickly. Not just technologically, but socially too. As gender roles change in society, so do gender roles in the household—including grocery shopping. What used to be a primarily one-person job has turned into an entire family task. What does that mean for small businesses? More exposure to more of your target market more frequently.

Food Marketing Institute (FMI) conducted a study in 2016 that tracked the behaviors of supermarket shoppers. The institute has conducted studies for over four decades to understand and predict trends of supermarket shoppers. The results of the 2016 study showed a shift in consumer behavior from 2015.

Households are sharing shopping responsibilities 

3 in 5 households are engaging in some amount of co-shopping, according to FMI.This untraditional consumer trend presents an opportunity for local businesses. With no primary shopper in most households, supermarket advertisements are gaining more exposure. How? Two or more shoppers per household are seeing supermarket advertisements. That’s 200 to 300 percent more exposure than traditional single-shopper households.

Benefits for your business? More local exposure for your supermarket advertisement.

Shoppers want to eat at home

 89 percent of supermarket shoppers believe that eating at home is healthier than eating at a restaurant. AKA, 9 out 10 shoppers are consistently visiting their local supermarkets for meal preparations.

Benefits for your business? Consistent repetitive exposure to your supermarket advertisement.

Co-shopping is a growing trend among Millennia’s

 Millennials are the future. They are the new market, the new trend setters, the consumer behavior setters. According to FMI, co-shopping trends in households with more than one adult are growing. In fact, 91 percent of multi-adult households with young Millennials (18 to 27) are sharing shopping. For families with no Millennials? They’re still co-shopping, but 11 percent less than millennial households.

Benefits for your business? Millennia’s, who were basically born into technology, prefer supermarkets over shopping online, so why not advertise there?

In fact, most shoppers still prefer brick-and-mortar shopping experiences

Although technology continues to integrate itself into our everyday lives, it remains an unfavorable alternative to physically food shopping. Only about 5 percent of all supermarket shoppers use online-only retail services. The other 95 percent of supermarket shoppers consistently visit their local supermarkets for their food necessities.

Benefits for your business? Targeting your local market, because the supermarket is where they are!

Food shopping is nothing new and it’s not going to be anything old soon either. Trends in consumer behavior prove that food shopping is here to stay, and it’s the perfect place for small businesses to advertise their services.