You may be thinking to yourself, “I’ve been advertising in the same publications for so long and I don’t see a growth in business.” And it probably is true, you may not be getting the exposure you hoped to get. That is why you should really look into inMark’s Brand Bar.

The Brand Bar is inMark Media’s newly designed and innovative grocery store divider. This advertising tool brings guaranteed exposure to our client’s target markets. Want to target locally? There’s no better place to advertise than in your local supermarket.

If a customer is buying something, they’ll have to check out. While they’re waiting on the (usually long) check-out line, our brand bars will serve as the advertisement for our clients. inMark’s Brand Bars put a spin on the original dividers that separate one costumer’s groceries from another’s.

Dividers are one of the most utilized tools in supermarkets. Unlike other dividers, our Brand Bars feature a billboard-like double-sided advertisement that is three inches in height. It is attached to the typical divider and draws extra attention to advertisements.  It’s guaranteed to touch the hands of your potential clients!

On an average day, 32 million Americans go to supermarkets nationwide. During an average week, Americans shop at their local supermarkets 2-3 times per week. The constant traffic in most supermarkets nationwide allows for constant advertisement engagement.

Our supermarket advertising is exclusive. Whichever local supermarket your company’s advertisement is in, your competition’s will not be! Unlike other forms of media advertising, we care about our customers and care about their successes.

Our Brand Bar is supposed to grow your brand. It works like a snowball, catching traction and eventually giving you the results you want. Don’t expect to get a phone call the first day your ad is up, you’ll be greatly disappointed. The more times a person sees YOUR local business in THEIR local supermarket, the bigger the chance of them calling you when they need your service. It will be instilled in their head that you are a reputable business because of the constant exposure of your brand.