Advertising to supermarket shoppers has become easier than ever with inMark’s innovative advertising products. Advertising your business to your local supermarket shoppers is one of the most effective and affordable methods to promote your name, image and message to your targeted audience. How so? Supermarket advertisements, such as “Welcome Centers”, which are billboards featured at the entrance of the store or “Brand Bars”, which are grocery dividers placed on all checkout lanes, are guaranteed to be seen by the thousands of customers who continuously visit their local supermarket at least 2-3 times weekly for an average of 40 minutes. Unlike other forms of media advertising, supermarket advertising allows for high exposure, repetition and targeting.


A total estimate of 20,000- 25,000 customers visit their local supermarket on a weekly basis. During their shopping experience, shoppers must utilize grocery dividers to divide their groceries at the checkout lane and/or shopping carts to transport their purchased groceries, where your advertisement is strategically featured and guaranteed to be seen. Therefore, through supermarket advertising, a high volume of potential clients are exposed to your point- of-sale advertisement.

2. Repetition:

Thousands of shoppers are continuously exposed to your advertisement on a weekly basis for a stable strategic planning period. This allows your advertisement to be seen by an average of 20,000-25,000 local shoppers repetitively each week. Therefore, through supermarket advertising, potential clients are more likely to remember and respond to your advertisement.

3. Targeting:

Supermarket advertising allows you to target a specific geographic area or demographic. By targeting local shoppers you will be able to reach the diverse community that resides 3-5 miles from your local business. You will be able to reach the people you wish to target.

Supermarket advertising is an effective marketing tool to help create the brand awareness needed to promote your local business’s name, image and message. Through high exposure, repetition and targeting, you will be able to directly target the local community on a continuous basis, which is guaranteed to generate traffic for your business. Hence, investing your advertising bucks in supermarket advertising is key to reaching the right people that are important to your local business.

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