Our bodies are meant to get exercise to stay fit and we benefit in multiple ways when we do. The same applies to our minds. Some people neglect the most important part of our body aside from our hearts, THE BRAIN. There are multiple studies proving exercise is essential to our mind the more we age. It is pretty easy to exercise your mind, it just takes some extra effort out of your day. The mind coasts through the day when you perform daily routines…Switch it up! Here are some different exercises you can work on to keep your brain active and healthy. (None of these are video games.)

Math With No Help 

Nowadays it is so easy to fall in the trap of everything being oversimplified. This causes our brains to relax a little too much, maybe even just too much. We are so quick to use a calculator for the easiest math problems. Try and solve it in your head, with no calculator, or pen and paper. This will get your brain thinking harder than usual. Ding ding ding! That right there is an exercise!

Righty to Lefty or Lefty to Righty 

This one is self explanatory, try using your less dominant hand once in a while. When you wake up and brush your teeth use your other hand. Next time you try to throw a paper ball into the trash can use your other hand. You can even try eating with your opposite hand. Its a change of routine that will exercise different parts of your brain.

Memorize That List


Next time you need to go shopping, take down a mental note of your list. This list can be of anything, you just have to remember it! We get so carried away with writing notes in our phones or on a paper, we hardly take time to actually remember things. Challenge yourself, recite the list an hour later and try your best to remember everything.

Less GPS, Yes Less GPS

Traveling has gotten too easy with the creation of the GPS. Back in my father’s day they traveled off of memory or learning new routes by actually remembering how to get to their destination. Now, we use our GPS for the smallest distances and forget how we got there. If getting to a new destination is a must then use your GPS to save time, but on your way back try getting home without it. You’ll use your brain a whole lot doing so.