The holiday season is an extremely useful time for small businesses to experience monumental progress in sales, brand awareness, and market growth. But, too often the seemingly endless possibilities lead businesses to chose marketing campaigns that fall short. Follow inMark Media’s tips for small business holiday marketing campaigns, and your business may be celebrating a new year and a large return on investment:



  1. It’s never too early to begin planning


Seriously. If you even think for a moment that ‘maybe I can wait a few weeks,’ you’re already wasting time.


Planning your holiday marketing campaign early (even as early as July) will help you think of any potential issues that may arise before it’s too late. Not to mention, launching early (if your competitors are taking a seat back for the time being) will give you more attention from a larger portion of the target market, too.


  1. Don’t assume that people will go searching for your promotions


Don’t get lost in the vast sea of advertising and promotions during the holiday season. Repetition is key. Your ads should be eye-catching, yes, but they should also be in abundance. Constantly remind your audience about the sale you’re having, the hashtags users should put in their posts to win a gift card or the spirit your company exudes during the holidays. Without these reminders, your company may slip into the pits of lost revenue.


  1. Chose your stance on Black Friday—and stick to it

No, not whether you’re going to have Black Friday sales, but when your store will open. The open-on-thanksgiving debate is highly controversial to both customers and companies. To avoid any unwanted bad rep, make sure you have a solid stance on the issue and don’t contradict what you say with what you do. AKA, if you preach throughout that “family is the most important part of the holidays” but require all employees to staff your store on Thanksgiving, you may be creating a not-so-honest and not-so-transparent brand.


  1. Tell your costumers what they need

Gift guides are one of the best holiday marketing investments in a company, especially retail, can make. Throw together a quick guide, or reach out to a media company to do it for you. Start by sectioning off the guide with “gifts for her,” “gifts for the kids,” “gifts for parents,” sections. Costumers often want help with holiday shopping. Giving them an easy-to-follow guide will ease their shopping anxieties. If you can convince your audience that your products are something they need not just something they should look at, you’ll come out a winner.


  1. Figure out how to relate your brand to the holidays


Whether you run your own dental practice or sell tires for cars and trucks, every business can relate to the holidays. Sometimes it just takes a little creativity. Let’s take a dental practice for example. If your goal is to increase brand awareness, create a unique holiday candy giveaway. Caption your social media posts with thoughtful quotes like “we’ll help you fix up your teeth after all this sugar.” Then, ask users to follow your page, like your picture, and comment a friend to be entered into the giveaway. This can grow your social media reach exponentially.


  1. Chose a voice and stick with it.


Consistency is essential during the holiday seasons. If your brand is flip-flopping between gung-ho holiday advocate and nothing more than a bah-humbug, you’re going to confuse your audience to the point of no-purchase. Instead, choose a solid attitude and voice and continue it from Thanksgiving to New Years.


  1. Donate a portion to charity—and mean it.


The holidays are naturally a charitable time of year. But, constant pushes for extra donations from customers upon checkout can create an overwhelming atmosphere. Instead, donate a percentage of the company’s profit to a charity. This gesture takes the pressure off the customer while encouraging them to make the purchase in the first place (granted they know about your donation). And, they may be more likely to make a return visit.



  1. Measure your outcomes

Whatever path you decide to take, make sure your holiday marketing is completely measurable. Tracking a proper return on investment will help your company when a new holiday season rolls around.


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