Facebook Ads can be an extremely beneficial source to accumulate customers, if you know how to attract them. If used incorrectly, Facebook Ads may lead to only accidental clicks that do nothing to increase the profitability of your business.


Facebook user’s attention span is even smaller than most TV watchers.

While someone who is watching TV may be able to sit through 2 minutes of commercials, Facebook users have a typical attention span of eight seconds.  That means, if your Facebook ad isn’t getting to the point, or proving to worthy enough of attention in less than eight seconds, then you’re doing your business an injustice.


So, how do you properly use Facebook advertisements?

First, let’s look at the cost.

Facebook advertisements are relatively inexpensive, depending on your objective. Advertisements on Facebook are based on a “cost-per-click” basis.  Essentially, you pay for the amount of customers that engage with your advertisement. This may be in terms of link clicks, impressions, reach, or off-site conversions. Regardless, each objective will equate to a different cost to your business. But, on average, Facebook Ads cost about $.27 per click.

So, 1000 impressions will cost you $5.95. For a small business, that’s not too shabby.


But, still how beneficial are those clicks?

Well that depends on your objective. The most useful aspect of Facebook ads is expansion of brand awareness and recognition. If this is your sole goal, then Facebook ads are a great idea. Why? Because you’re basically increasing the organic reach you have, by paying for more viewers.


This is where the important part comes in.

You may have the objective down pat or the inexpensive cost perfectly lined out. But, you need an eye-catching, attention-getting, demographic-focused advertisement that will be sure to maintain the already minimal attention of Facebook users.

To do this, you could either create the advertisements on your own time or reach out to a small-business marketing agency that has the knowledge and creative expertise to create an on-brand and eye-catching ad.