Ahh, business cards. The small pieces of paper that are the most basic yet most valuable part of a business’s brand. They’re not only inexpensive, but they’re easily distributable, portable, and informative. Building a business, or growing a business, is like building or adding on to a house. You need to start with the foundation, otherwise the rest will eventually fall through. The foundation in your business? Branding. The best way to brand, market, promote, advertise your business? Business cards.

You can’t get more personal

Sending your contact information to a potential client or partner via e-mail or Linkedin is effective in most cases. But, it’s still impersonal. It’s simple—there are no forms of digital connection that equally compare to in-person exchanges. And, even though it may seem otherwise, not everyone owns digital devices. Even for those that do have phones or tablets, it often takes too much unnecessary time to exchange phone numbers or e-mails when one firm handshake and business card exchange can do the trick. Get personal!

Your business cards are your brand

You’re presenting the first impression of your business to your client, potential hire, or partner when you hand them your business card. Why does that matter? Well, would you want to do business with someone who hands you a piece of ripped out notebook paper with a scribbled 000-000-0000? Or, would you rather do business with a company that hands you a pristine, sleek, and professional business card with all their information, location, and social media information? You may not realize it, but the impression you give from your business card can easily determine the outcome of your connection. 

Creativity equals extra promotion

Business cards are intended to introduce your business and eventually create a sale. But, just because you are handing the card to one person doesn’t mean it isn’t being shared with more. Often, creative and unique business cards will be shared with coworkers, family members, and friends. So, your initial promotional purpose is multiplied! Take this divorce lawyer’s cards for example.

Prime accessibility

If you e-mail someone your contact information, or send it via a Linkedin message, you’re more than likely going to face an issue at one point. Either the connection will fail, the message won’t send, or the person on the other line doesn’t have enough service to open your message. One thing that doesn’t depend on internet accessibility? Business cards! No matter when you hand them out, day, night, weekends, holidays, they are always available for information.

You may be more of an internet-type guy or gal, but the truth is, business cards are still as necessary as ever. If you want personal or professional growth, or even to stay relevant, you’re going to need to get yourself and your business some cards. Luckily, there are some places that make designing your business cards basically effortless—and on brand. Bottom line, if someone asks you for your business card, and you don’t have one, you’ll immediately lose their respect and most likely their business.