You finally created some form of social media account for your small business. Congrats! However, now that you’ve gotten the hang of posting, liking, and commenting, you want to keep the ball of momentum rolling. You want to make sure that all of your effort is going into something worthwhile. Your mindset might be sky high, but the amount of likes or followers you have is pretty bleak. If you find yourself in this situation, it’s important not to be discouraged or to give up. With social media, it’s important to remember that it is a science. What this means is that there’s a formula for success, and while it’s not guaranteed, it’s been supported through several accounts that have strong followings.

By performing the following actions, you’ll increase your following in a strategic way that can be repeated across other social media accounts as well.

Post great content
Give reason a people to follow your account by posting content that is going to be relevant and interesting to them. There are several ways to bring future followers to your account. but what makes them check your account after being exposed to it is by posting content that is worth revisiting. In addition to this, you want to create content that others can share easily. This will also bring big exposure to your account if content is shared with others you might not necessarily be reaching.

Follow other users
Not only is it good to know who your competition is, but it’s also good to know who your users really are as well. Follow those who follow you and even those that don’t. For example, if you happen to have an account for a dance studio, you should follow those in your dance classes as well as famous dancers or choreographers. You might be surprised at how many followers you’ll get by following big name celebrities. in addition, by showing users that you are willing to follow them back, you’ll gain a positive reputation.

Engage with others
There are several ways to engage with others on social media. The important thing to remember is that by engaging with users, you are giving them incentive to follow you. Users love it when their presence is acknowledged by the accounts they follow. In a way, it gives them the sense that you care enough about them to reach out to them. Ways to engage is by creating a hashtag. Hashtags link conversations- and users- to gather that may not have necessarily been connected before. Comments are also a great way to to engage. By commenting something as simple as, “Great pic!” you are not only acknowledging that users content, but their followers will also be curious as to who you are.

While you can never fully predict if a method is going to be effective, these actions have had a proven track record with accounts that have increased their followers considerably.