Happy October everybody! A new month may mean new goals, but it also means carrying out our mission to acknowledge the great team we have. Let’s start off the month by highlighting everyone’s favorite social media king, Nedsky Toledo!

Nedsky has been with inMark since July 2016 and we couldn’t be happier to have him. Though his title is Graphic Designer, Nedsky also balances several other responsibilities. As mentioned before, he’s pretty good at social media. He’s increased inMark’s following exponentially, applies strategy to all of the content that is shared, and shares the wisdom with our interns, thus paying his knowledge forward. When he isn’t dominating Instagram or creating killer logos, he also lends a hand in installation. A true MVP, Nedsky is always willing to help others, as long as he can play some rap music in the background. When he’s not in the office, Nedsky runs an Urban Streetwear clothing line with best friends Leo and Chris called Hi-Trait (follow them at @hitraitclothing). When he’s not hustling for Hi-trait, you can find him feeding his large colombian red-tailed boa, Escobar.

Despite the multiple hats he wears, Nedsky was able to take a little time, sit down, and share his thoughts on the culture at InMark

1)What is something about inMark that you really like?

Nedsky: I love how involved everyone is with each other in each department. We always have someone for that second opinion, always have someone to come to, and the fact that everyone is here to learn together and build together.

2) What is your “Why”?
Nedsky: What motivates me to work harder and push myself is my family but also for self-improvement. It’s important to want things for yourself. It’s not selfish to want to grow and be better, especially if you want to be better for other people in your life as well.

3)Do you have a favorite quote you live by?

Nedsky: One that sticks out to me is, “Turn your fears into focus”. But with the morning huddles, I’ve been exposed to so many other great quotes as well.

4)What is something you are proud of that you accomplished at inMark?

Nedsky: Something that I’m really proud of is bringing more exposure to inMark as an agency through my social media strategies. I know that my efforts can result in possible clients and more business for inMark, as well as sending the right message through my work about who we are, what we do, and how we can help you.

To get a glimpse of Nedsky’s social media prowess, give us a follow for great content!