Small business’ investment is an important part of a businesses’ growth. It would be foolish to think that just “doing business” will be good enough to grow your business to the height you wish it to be. But how you invest is just as important as actually investing. So how should a business invest their time and money?

Strong online presence:

Your online presence is like your resume. It’s your chance to promote all the best attributes of your company in as many ways as you’d like.

That doesn’t just mean a website. That means Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest accounts and just about any other social media platform that serves your business’ goals.

Your online presence reinforces your brand to your audience over multiple platforms. Unity and symmetry across your accounts will help you maintain your image as credible.


Maybe you don’t know how to brand your business on social media. Or, you don’t know how to grow your business into the multi-million-dollar business you want it to be one day.

Maybe you think you know all the skills and steps. But, let’s face it, nothing ever goes as planned, and you will probably still fail at some point along the way.

That’s why mentors and coaches are so important for small businesses to invest in. If you create a relationship with a successful businessperson in the same industry as your small business, they will know all the ups and downs and fails and successes that you can make.

They’ll guide your business to success by picking you back up off your feet and leading you in the right direction. 


If you’re running your business, then you already have enough anxieties keeping you up late at night.

An investment in an administrative intern will take away the mundane office tasks that are nothing more than mere time-wasters.

Instead, you can spend your time focused on the business issues that are essential to the prosperity of your business.


This is probably the most beneficial step you can take for the overall triumph of your business. An investment in yourself is an investment in all the activities you are involved in throughout your day.

Taking 10 minutes to meditate in the morning or getting in a 30-minute gym trip after work will have immense benefits on your ability to focus and work efficiently throughout the work week.


Remember when you were younger getting upset over something you put a lot of time into, and your mom would tell you to ‘not put all your eggs in one basket’?

Well, that saying isn’t going anywhere, soon. It’s even important for running your small business. Investing in your business is the only way it will actually grow.

But, if you put all of your focus on one or two aspects of your business, that’s risking disaster. Seriously.