As we create several goals for ourselves , it can be difficult to work on completing them in addition to daily tasks that need to be completed. Goals are important to reach because they give us a needed sense of fulfillment, but at the same time, we need to be able to carry out daily tasks that others depend on. Basically, we also need to live normal lives. The answer to completing goals and also leading a normal, healthy life is to simply balance your life in all aspects, whether professional or personal. But balance is often easier said than done. It is because balancing can often be difficult for many that we decided to break down ways to be in control over your life and your achievements.


You’ve heard of the phrase, “work hard, play hard”, and it couldn’t be more applicable for balancing. While yes, you should consider work ethic when rewarding yourself, you should also consider the idea of separating more than anything. In an age where everything, including work or school, can be done online, it’s very easy to take a seat on your couch and complete all of your tasks there. However, the negative thing about this is that you make it difficult for yourself to back away when work is always in reach. Additionally, without a clear separation between work and personal life, you also risk confusing those in your personal life as to when you are available to them and when you need to work. If you have no other choice than to work from home, there are several ways to create work distinctive zones, One way is to create a space in your home that is the only place where you do work and also a space that serves solely to complete work. Another way is to go to a coffee shop or library if your work does not require speaking over the phone or verbally collaborating with others. However, if you work in a traditional office, make sure you take the time to do things that make your transition from work to personal life easier. Creating a playlist or listening to an audiobook on your commute home is a great way to do this.


In order to balance your work and personal life, you need to be able to prioritize what is most important to you in that moment. By taking the time to create lists of your priorities (which can change day-by-day) and to rank those priorities, you can appropriately budget your time and get a clearer vision of how much you need to complete in order to cross a priority off the list. Additionally, when you plan your priorities, you are less likely to feel conflicted as to what’s important to you when faced with an urgent circumstance. After you have created a list of priorities, it’s time to create another list. This list is more so a log of all of the tasks you complete on a day-to-day basis. Once you have created these two lists, you can start to insert your priorities and goals into your everyday activities. The idea is that the more you plan, the better your chances are at meeting your priorities and working on your goals.

Learn to say no

You are not being rude by saying no to others. When approached with attentiveness and tact, saying no can actually be quite freeing. The reality is, in order for you to balance things in your life, you need to be able to pick and choose. Just because someone has an opportunity or a project for you does not mean you have to take it. It’s okay to be more selective on what you wish to take on. If you take on too many things, it will likely decrease the amount of time and effort you can put into each of your projects. If your name is attached to it, you want to make sure you are proud of what your produce. It can be daunting to say no, especially with people you have a good relationship with. When you say no, be sure to acknowledge that the person is entrusting you with something and express your gratitude in their trust, explain why you can’t complete their request, and then follow up with an alternative solution for them.

By practicing these ideas, you’ll be on the path to balancing your professional and personal life, but also be able to feel fulfillment in both those areas as well.